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When we acknowledge the impact of violence on learning, we can become curious and creative to support successful learning

Many words get attached to different respectful and curious approaches to learning: trauma-sensitive, trauma-informed, healing-engaged, anti-oppression, ACE (adverse childhood experiences)-informed, inclusion/access, social justice based, resilience, self-regulation…

From student success in education to mindful parenting, transformation is possible through long-term, comforting, encouraging connections. These connections invite the best learning when they’re rooted in curiosity and conscious awareness.


Whatever is compromising successful learning might be very frustrating – for example, you can’t remember what you read or can’t figure out how to help someone remember what they read – and it’s hard not to judge. But judging drives the solutions underground. A curious investigation is the way through many painful mazes, the way to conscious awareness of the roots of what’s really in the way. From there, the supports and approaches to select become clear.

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