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Curiosity is the heart and foundation of our approach


Every If we have curiosity, we can be our own best researchers, detectives, scientists, whatever metaphor lets us notice, explore, test, and grow our understanding of how to support learning and change: our own, or that of others in our lives or work.

We must have curiosity, or we are lost – lost in judgment of ourselves or others, entangled in shame or blame. Without curiosity we might think we can diagnose and use accurate labels for what is wrong.


We may think that we need to be “fixed” or made right, and often that someone else knows how to do it. If we are not curious we also might be certain we know what others need to “fix” their problems. If we’re not doing what we think we should be, or if those we are trying to fix don’t do what we tell them, we are likely ensnared in more layers of judgment.

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